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How the Intermountain Champion Series Works


Ryan Hansen, Intermountain ChampionThe Intermountain Champion Series was created to recognize the finest athletes in the Intermountain West.  Why is the Intermountain West so deserving?  Because the Mountain States have by far the highest rates of male wrestlers as a percentage of total high school athletes in the USA, according to Real Pro Wrestling.


The top states, in terms of number of male wrestlers as a percentage of total high school athletes in 2004-05:

1) Utah (6.6%)

2) Wyoming (6.4%)

5) Nevada (5.8%)

7) Idaho (5.2%)

7) Arizona (5.2%)

14) Montana (4.7%)

Ryan Hansen
2009 Intermountain Champion


Of the eight Mountain States in the U.S., six are in the Top 14 in the country.  (Okalahoma came in 37th by this measure, which put them behind every western state except for Texas and Hawaii.)


On the collegiate level, Utah Valley State, Northern Colorado, SDSU, and NDSU will all either compete at or be transitioning to the NCAA Division 1 level in the newly-minted Western Wrestling Conference (WWC) in 200607. Based on this data, the Intermountain West looks to be wrestling's biggest growth region going forward.


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